1) We are absolute LEADERS in this market
a) Top Customer Service
b) Impeccable Punctuality
c) Best Odds and Unique *Play-by-Play* LIVE Gaming

2) We are a PROFFESIONAL and SERIOUS company
a) Time-tested permanence in the business over the decade
b) Complete Business Infrastructure
c) Proven Financial Back Up and Expertise
d) Core Company Values: Integrity, Honor, Respect

3) Real MONEY-SAVING promotions
a)108 odds for wagers placed Tuesday thru Friday
(includes Sat. and Sun. games)


1) Amateurs’ business adventures
Just a web page "front" with nothing behind
Pay whichever Day they can (depending on collections)
No Live Gaming capability

2) "One Man" operation
Pop-up and disappear every year
Just a guy with a cell phone
NO financial back-up or expertise

3) Probability of player collecting winnings is not 100% sure, so any promotions or discounts are a mouse trap